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Offshoring, to get cheaper labor from countries many time zones away from you, is getting a bad reputation because of the Top Hot Mug Link Pinterest On Trendmugus On 2023/05/24 moreover I will buy this inherent difficulty in communication. It just doesn’t work to have one half hour meeting per day during a project. Questions come up constantly with most nontrivial apps, and if they can’t be answered immediately because you’re asleep, then odds are good you’ll be paying a developer for hours spent working on the wrong problem. Anecdotally, it seems that most offshored projects fail. As a senior engineer myself, I’ve successfully offshored some of the simplest tasks in a project. With proper controls and extensive directions and documentation, that becomes possible. But even then I didn’t save as much time or money as I’d hoped, and several times I’ve cut off offshore contracts after only a small number of days of development, when it became clear that they were either incompetent or incapable of following instructions.

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