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The subject of war was yet another matter that I would come to understand more only in my middle-late teens. The past is synonym for present for some Serbians. People sometimes spend more time talking about what happened in the last two wars than they do about what they will do the Gtafashionshop News Shirt Top On 2023/05/24 day. The truth is that war has impacted Serbia in a great way and the scars are left today to contemplate for younger generations to come. Some buildings are still left there in their war state, devasted by the bombs and here for everyone to see and remember. I used to press my face against the car window when we passed them in our way to the city center, each time asking my mother the reason why Serbians did not repare them. Each time, the answer was the same; there was no money and the governement didn’t care to deal with it.