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If they dressed her in it, you may want to give it a pass; otherwise the two things are unrelated; just give them some time to deal with their situation before dealing with yours. This is just weird. I don’t know why she makes you do it, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable I would definitely talk to her about it. I’ve never met a mother who makes her child take their shirt off in front of strangers (or family members, whichever) because honestly that’s just weird. Depending on how old you are, I would either continue to take your shirt off for guests or talk to your mom saying you don’t feel comfortable with it. Social norms are dead…wear what you want…when you want! Lighten the fu©k up… Really don’t get all mush brained on such petty endeavors life is some think nice happy thoughts.deep breathing.try to enjoy the Top News Shirt Index On Vicetshirt On 2023/05/23 you are here…in the flic of a bic…it can go adios and your ass is sia nara peace ,love, And Woodstock I think it is perfectly acceptable to wear a white T-shirt with dark colored jeans. I think it is a classic look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.