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Now things are very different. there are more, larger offices, much more densely populated, and with most of those people using PCs which, if they are desktop machines, are each giving off about twice as much heat as the Top Hot Sweatshirt Link Pinterest On Lacosteeshirt On 2023/05/22 and I love this people using them. The offices, and even some homes, are nearly all airconditioned and, last I checked, the summer heat island effect is 5 °C hotter than surrounding countryside. And in winter, it is now 3 °C. Only occasional, minimal heating is required in offices, on Monday mornings because the building has been insulated and normally the people in it provide enough heat to heat it — but there are a lot of such people, and their homes are heated to a higher temperature than in the ‘60s, when the solution to feeling cold at home was to put on a 2nd sweater. [I have deliberately left out industrial energy uses from this description because I am unsure of the details, but I suspect there is little overall change in industrial energy use in Greater London. I have also ignored retail use for similar reasons — the quantity being sold has increased markedly, but I suspect it is sold in a more energy-efficient manor. And goods transport — more, but more efficiently. Possibly, I should have included personal transportation which, in spite of congestion charges and other discouragements, has increased markedly, though some of that has been ameliorated by considerable increase in fuel efficiency.

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