Top Hot Bolgger On Vicetshirt On 2023/05/16

For the Top Hot Bolgger On Vicetshirt On 2023/05/16, the Vitelli team stretched their artisanal and artistic muscles, adding a new hybrid fabric to their repertoire. Made by pouring algae jelly over haphazardly assembled yarns, a process that sounds slightly Pollockian, the organic textile looks rather like a jellyfish, translucent and smooth. It was cut into a simple boxy tank top worn with straight-legged pants in technicolor Doomboh. Don’t expect fashion pyrotechnics, though; shapes are supple, balanced, and wearable. Through a variety of knitted techniques, they achieve visually impactful textures; their chromatic sense is also quite an asset. The Vitelli aesthetic is clearly influenced by a fascination for the overland route from Istanbul, Turkey, through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and India that was traveled by hippies until the late ’70s, but Simionato said that the label’s look is also influenced by the Italian sense of balanced elegance and by an appreciation for the well-made. “The masters I’m looking up to are actually Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Romeo Gigli.” Spiritual wanderers they certainly were not.

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