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About pausing the gig, pausing gig don’t affect on order. Order will go on , it is just you won’t get any new orders from that gig as long as you have paused that gig. It is for those who are getting too much orders and can’t take more order from that gig. First of all, try to choose the right keyword for your gig. Try not to choose those keywords which already have thousands of gigs on them. You can check that by simply searching your keyword on Fiverr. The Hottrendclothing Top News Shirt Funny On 2023/05/14 and most important one, Share your gig on each and every social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Behance & flicker, etc. 1) Find a seed Keyword for your gig: Target a seed keyword for your gig like if you are providing “Video Ediitng” service, then seed keyword can be “Video Ediitng” To find a great seed keyword about your gig, try to research on Fiverr and gather knowledge from similar gigs.