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Google said that over optimization might trigger Penguin penalty so make sure that your keep navigation simple keeping users in the Top Index Link Pinterest On Myclubtee On 2023/05/11 mind. From my personal experience, over-optimised in-site links also pose a problem. If you used paper transfer to print it to your shirt you have to used heat press so that it process it well to make your work nice and great. Good day Heat transfer paper or T-shirt transfer papers are used for t-shirt printing. The heat press machine or T-shirt printing machine is used to print an image on paper. The  heat press can transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, or another surface. There is however new bioprinters out that that can print skin-cells. There are electronics 3D printers, and of course the typical additive manufacturing printers. What current printing technology lacks, will probably eventually be solved, but with today’s technology, what you cannot get is polished surfaces requires post-operation work A fully functional electro-mechanical assembly in one shot. For example, there currently isn’t anything that can print a full car from the ground up. A lot of the parts can be printed, but not together.