Trending News Shirt Hot On Gtafashionshop On 2023/05/06

A trade dress? I am assuming you mean trade mark, so will answer on that basis. The Trending News Shirt Hot On Gtafashionshop On 2023/05/06 does not need a trade mark. Any art work holds copyright which is generally an automatic right. Some countries may look at registered copyrights in priority in disputes and in others, registration is not available. You’re up against some really big players in the market. This isn’t to say that it’s not a good idea to do this, but its a reality check to highlight what you will need to do in order to find your target audience. You need a solid website, much more robust than the one you have right now. WooCommerce is great and can be customised quite extensively. But right now your site’s colours, UI, UX, and flow is not doing it for me. Its possible you should invest your money in getting one of the WooCommerce specialist to design your site while you focus on marketing, email management, and social media campaigns. For example, the 3 box elements for Recent Posts, Top Rated Products, and Subscribe are flat and uninteresting. And the massive form below these is, well, it needs to be moved or changed to be more streamlined. The call-to-action button in the form is the same colour as the form background which means its lost. And the footer is totally not utilised, its empty, the space is wasted. The banner that talks about shipping leads us to the Shop but not to the shipping page. This is discontinuity and will decrease conversions.