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So, even though Blackberry isn’t the player it once was in the mobile industry, it is still too early to dismiss them. I think you two should establish what exactly your relationship is, even if that means you two have to stop making out. She obviously is a woman that doesnt date around while dating I also am like that, so I understand where she is coming from. To her, kissing might be an intimate thing, only to be shared with one person at a time, so you need to set your boundaries before you ruin your friendship along with the relationship. It is an Android device. And every single Android manufacturer is making a loss. With the Top Index Link pinterest On Myclubtee On 2023/05/05 exception of Samsung, who are just having a profit decline The reason for this is clear. Consumers know that Android devices are interchangeable, and manufacturers struggle to differentiate products. Differentiation is difficult when someone else is making the OS. These two factors results in horrendously aggressive price competition.