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It’s the same with all the pens, mousepads, keychains, flashlights, etc. Sure, it’s cool, sure people like them, but ask yourself how many pens you have versus how many you remember the business or ever bought from them. A family member of a friend was opening a new shop and gave away a few hundred of these shirts. They were nice and perfect for the Trending Shirt Hot News On Gtafashionshop On 2023/04/28 climate and boating. They are struggling, having blown all that money on shirts and not getting any sales. I worked at Zazzle for a few years. If you want a very small run, or different printing such as a nickname on each shirt, Zazzle is best by far. The quality is much better than CafePress. For larger runs of same design (20+), CustomInk is best online, and there are plenty of good local screenprinters too. Asking if ‘T-Shirt businesses’ are doomed to fail is like asking if ‘Food Businesses’ are doomed to fail. There are literally thousands of ways to make money with ‘Food’. The food industry is ginormous and always expanding, and new businesses spring up everyday to meet the ever-increasing needs of said industry. The ‘T-Shirt Industry’ is no different.