Top News Shirt Index On Donkeyclothing On 2023/04/28

The same applies to modest dress. We all have the Top News Shirt Index On Donkeyclothing On 2023/04/28 to determine with logic and reason what is modest clothing and its purpose. This is why a detailed dress code is not provided in Islam. It just simply says for a woman to guard her modesty and that she should not diplay her adornments. Now you determine, according to your situation and circumstances what is the best way to do this using logic and reason and as long as your intent is pure, then you are on the right path. Use your logic and reason to find out what are the “adornments” of a woman. Let no alleged scholar or Imam encourage otherwise. Dress as you like, including if that means to wear jeans, provided that your intentions are to be modest, that your intentions are pure, that your intent is to set the best example in society, and that your decision to do so is solely based on logic and reason.