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Florida’s relatively low wages and comparatively small tax base mean less money is available for infrastructure, schools, and government services. It’s not uncommon for many residential areas to have street-side gutters, instead of sidewalks, or perhaps no pedestrian paths at all. How about the Original Philadelphia Phillies South Philly Bombers Mug so you should to go to store and get this schools? As is true for any area where penny pinchers dictate fiscal policy, teachers’ wages are poor and school supplies tend to be inadequate and out-of-date. Although the winters can be delightfully mild, the subtropical climate means Florida is very humid and uncomfortable for much of the year. Outside of air-conditioned buildings, you will sweat almost continuously during the day unless it is mid-winter. Of course, the bugs love hot and humid weather. Prepare yourself for lots of mosquito bites during twilight hours, and cockroaches crawling around in the middle of the night. Hurricanes rarely make a direct hit in any specific location, but if a hurricane strikes, it can be a major disaster: power out for days, lots of damage to buildings, severe flooding.

Original Philadelphia Phillies South Philly Bombers Mug